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Brittany believes that success happens when we find a better way and share it. As co-founder of TrailblazeHers and Dare to Dream Enterprises, co-host of The Dream Architect Life podcast, Brittany embodies true entrepreneurship. Apart from being the president and shareholder of a leading wealth planning firm, she has spearheaded numerous business ventures across diverse industries. Brittany’s insights have garnered recognition in esteemed media like Forbes, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Inc., Private Wealth magazine, and AssetTV. A prolific four-time author, she’s graced exclusive events such as the Million Dollar Round Table global conference, Raymond James national conference, and Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium, sharing her wisdom on transcending titles and labels to lead a purposeful and intentional life. Brittany’s contagious energy and unparalleled ability to seek even better ways to get things done, to guide people towards their purpose and create a ripple effect of impact will become evident as you engage with her.

While the business success is something to be noted, her biggest pride lies in her home as she is a mom to three and mom to one. While she’s often asked how she manages to “juggle it all,” her response is always the same – while it may not be easy everyday, it really is simple. It’s that method of creating even better ways to get things done, adding clarity along the way and creating massive contribution that has made her a high demand coach. She’s obsessed with making things clear and understandable because when things are clear, you can make even better decisions and move forward not just in business, but in life!

Disha is a multi-passionate visionary growth strategist. 

Alongside launching and co-founding The TrailblazeHers, Dishas business ventures include her role as Chief Growth Strategy and Managing partner at Hill & Co. , a leading global management consultant firm, co-director of a thriving health & wellbeing clinic and business mentor.

This diverse experience and deep understanding of business means Disha has encountered and overcome countless challenges across many sectors and global markets, always approaching each challenge with a solutions oriented,  people centric mindset.

Through her 18 years experience in strategy and business transformation, Disha has helped 50+ businesses to restructure, get clear on their audience, confidently increase their prices, and scale their businesses to seven-figures and beyond.


Her life’s work is to empower women to grow and scale their already vast business using the right strategy, guidance and support. 

When she’s not helping her clients grow a wildly successful business, she can be found lost in the supermarket aisle, looking for creative ingredients for the next exotic meal! A passion for travelling has enabled Disha to explore the wonderful and vibrant cultures of the world and influenced her culinary skills. With 2 teenage children and a husband at home that need feeding, Disha loves to get the family involved in being creative with home cooked meals. 


Exploring various landscapes from Icelandic Geysers, steep walkways of Capri, to white-water rafting in Bali, Disha loves adventure, keeping fit and staying active.  In more recent years, she has become a fan of Hot Yoga.




Working with Disha has been insightful, challenging and extremely enjoyable.

Richard Haruni, Haruni Fine Jewels

Disha was inspirational in helping to develop and grow our business. I would recommend this lady massively!

Sue Williams

Brittany helped me build on my strengths and how to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

Kristin S

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