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Networking Across Nations

Female leaders and business owners operate all over the world. And even though it sometimes feels like we can’t do it all, we keep pushing to create the life we dream of.

And as you grow, it becomes increasingly important to have a supportive network that understands what you go through and that can help you take the next step, learn from others who are walking the same path, or form connections that lets your business thrive.

Connections that might not be in the same country or even on the same continent as you.</b> 

This is why we created The TrailblazeHers - a global network of Female CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs  who seek a community designed for them.

Benefits of networking 

Networking is, as we know, essential for business to grow and thrive. It is also a great way to build new connections with people you want to share your journey with and whom you can learn from along the way.

But as you create the life you want for yourself, fewer people will be able to understand and support you in the way that you need, and the business might feel stagnant or stale.

This is why it is important to find your people and a space where you feel safe, seen, confident, and supported

Networking for women 

Most networking communities curated for high-achieving CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs are led by, primarily, men.

And as a female business owner, you might feel that these rooms aren’t created for you and that the people within them don’t understand your journey, your achievements, or what you can offer in a community.

Imposter syndrome, inclusivity, and accessibility might hinder you from attending, and if you do attend, it is possible that you leave not knowing what was in there for you.

Was this community for me?

Have I been able to show my true self?

Did I get to meet the people I wanted?

This is why we are passionate about creating a community for you - the high-achieving female business leader.

We offer a space where executive women from all over the world can come and share their wishes, dreams, journeys, and struggles. It is a solution-focused community that can help you create fruitful and supportive connections that want you to succeed as both a business owner, leader, and person

It is a place for success, but unlike other networking groups, we connect without boosting, pitching, and the high-performing demand so often seen in business

Our global networking community 

The TrailblazeHers is a global community of female business owners who want to take the next step toward their ultimate goals.

With expert speakers, coaching sessions, intentional networking, and workshops, you will be able to not only get the help and support you need, but you will also be able to give back and support others.

A solution-focused community where we gather around business, but connect through life.

No dream is too big and no journey is too complicated. We are here for it all. To share a space where we can grow together and thrive as both entrepreneurs and people.

Our members come from all over the world, creating a pool of experienced and generous business leaders who can learn from one another. They share their knowledge and insights and support each other without judgement as they continue to thrive in their respective fields. </p>

Join our upcoming networking events

In May, we will host our first global networking event. And to make sure that as many as possible can join, it will be a virtual event - bringing The TrailblazeHers into your home. 

It will be a 3 hour event focusing on community, coaching, and intentional networking. You will be surrounded by amazing female business leaders who want to find solutions, grow, progress, and connect beyond worklife. 

Are you interested to learn more? Have a look at our memberships or read more about our upcoming events.

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